Neio Lucio Gonçalves de Lima

Neio Lucio Gonçalves de Lima, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) engineer at Riberar Engineering, has worked on more than 60 projects for Accor hotels. In this interview, Neio shares insights from his design work at Novotel ITU Terras De São José Golf & Resorts in Brazil, emphasizing the customized solutions for diverse hotel spaces, […]

Matthew Leavey

Meet Matthew Leavey, Head of Property at Panthers Group, the owner of Pullman Sydney Penrith. Through this interview, he highlighted not only how design creates innovative spaces to trigger social and local interactions, but also the importance of sustainability and how Accor Design & Technical Services support was as added value to open Pullman Sydney […]

Marcos Cain

Marcos Cain is the designer and founder of Stickman Tribe, an agency redefining spaces and integrating sustainability for modern travelers. Explore the transformative journey of Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre’s renovation in this interview, shaped by Marcos’s creative expertise in alignment with Pullman’s interior design direction.

Yang Bangsheng

Introducing Yang Bangsheng, the innovative designer and founder of YANG & ASSOCIATES GROUP. In this interview, he discusses connecting hotels with local communities, cultural essence, and sustainability. Explore his integration of eco-friendly materials and Guangdong influences in Pullman Shenzhen North’s design.

Krisztina Fülöp

It’s in Budapest that Krisztina Fülöp created Komp Design Studio, her design agency. Designer of the Mercure Debrecen in Hungary, she teaches design and does not hesitate to collaborate with local artists whether they are painters, ceramicists, or lighting designers.

Nicolas Capéran

Nicolas Capéran is a French designer based in London and the co-founder of Takagicapéran design studio. He worked on both Novotel London Bridge and Novotel York projects to create places that can welcome locals, travelers but also families.

Taiji Fujimoto

Taiji Fujimoto is the designer who worked on the Mercure Kyoto Central Station. Founder of Design Studio Crow, he finds inspiration in what is around him: the people, the location and uses technology to create his projects.

Oscar Lucien Ono

Founder of Maison Numéro 20 agency located in the heart of Paris, Oscar Lucien Ono is a talented designer. Passionate and creative, he completely imagined the design of the MGallery Nest Paris La Défense.

Stephen O’Dell

Stephen O’Dell is an American designer based in Bangkok and founder of SODA agency. With his team, he worked on many projects for Accor, from ibis, to Novotel and Pullman brands. He is also the designer of one of the 3 design concepts for ibis brand.

Bruno Borrione

Bruno Borrione is a designer known for his creativity and attention to detail. He was in charge of the renovation of the Hotel Paris Bastille Boutet – MGallery, bringing a touch of French elegance and sophistication to the property.