At Accor, innovation is a key asset to shape tomorrow’s hospitality. In a world where the ways of living change fast, we are constantly enriching our vision of reinvented hospitality, redefining the way we think spaces and services to offer our guests the best experience.


Accor has partnered with start-up Alltheway to simplify travel by transporting baggage between city centers and airports. Travelers can check in baggage at Accor hotels and other hubs in Paris, which will then be transferred to the airport. This service aims to reduce stress and carbon emissions associated with baggage while promoting sustainable travel. Accor has provided seed funding to Alltheway which plans to offer the service during major events with international expansion.

Smart room

We are all different. This difference is our strength. To offer a unique experience for all our guests, whatever their differences, we have created the Smart Room. Combining the best of function and design, this room has three major advantages: a better welcome for guests, an ease of use for staff and an improved profitability for investors. You’ll discover here why it is just as simple as necessary to turn special needs rooms into Smart Rooms. This new approach to inclusive hospitality once again gives you the edge that has continuously made Accor a leader in the hotel industry.

Flying Nest

Designed with sustainability in mind by talented designer Ora-ïto, this innovation is based on a mobile accommodation concept made of marine containers offering an immersive experience at the heart of venues and events. This innovative solution is designed with eco-friendly materials and techniques and is present in emblematic events such as Les 24 heures du Mans, We Love Green or in the mountains.