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Traveler guests but also local guests expect spaces that are modern, vibrant, open to the city, where they can work, play, eat, and relax. At Accor, we are breaking with the codes of the traditional hotel industry to design innovative spaces and atmospheres while guaranteeing ever higher health standards. We believe that our hotels have a role to play in improving our communities working and living conditions in their respective neighbourhoods.

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By combining global experience with local knowledge, Accor’s strategy is to build brands offering the best experience to our clients, performance to our partners and profitability to our investors.

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We provide comprehensive project support at each stage of the process, while ensuring compliance with brand standards and reducing environmental impact. From the planning, design and construction to the hand-over of our partners project, we accompany them in realizing their hotel projects.

A major achievement

Accor Design & Technical Services teams worked hand-in-hand with exceptional designers as well as the hotel team on the Fairmont Royal York refurbishment in order to show off the hotel’s new identity and position it as a true landmark in Toronto.


We create design concepts for our brands, introducing flexibility through multiple programming options, unique space arrangements, and modern styles. Our goal is to offer the hotel experience not only to travelers but also to local guests in unique and inviting properties.

Novotel design video

Flexibility is the core of Novotel’s design strategy. Focused on delivering personalized guest experiences, Novotel’s design strategy adapts to market needs, length of stays, and location, with varying levels of investment. Featuring multifunctional spaces that effortlessly transition from work to leisure, along with diverse services and a comfortable atmosphere, Novotel reshapes hospitality through four distinct concepts: RF Studio, Metro, Sundukovy Sisters, and Hypothesis – showcasing innovation and adaptability.

ibis budget design video

ibis budget‘s design strategy transcends the outdated stigmas associated with the super-economic segment, transforming its hotels into smart and comfortable basecamps for both travelers and locals alike. The motto is to achieve maximum impact within minimum investment. With the Reboost concept multifunctional design elements and accessible self-service facilities, ibis budget offers vibrant social hubs and inclusive rooms.

ibis design strategy and concepts

ibis has given way to more flexibility through a new design strategy and new design concepts created by talented design studios worldwide. Investors can choose among 3 design concepts the one that best meets their expectations: Agora, Plaza and Square.

My Mövenpick Market Place

My Mövenpick Market Place is the lobby concept created for Mövenpick brand. Imagined like a market, this concept offers several areas where guests (travelers and locals) can eat a variety of local products all day long, work, meet and relax.

Swissôtel Vitality

The contemporary design of Swissôtel combined with local features creates an atmosphere where guests can relax and feel at home. Sustainable design and a warm, friendly spirit make Swissôtel hotels unique places to stay.


At Accor, innovation is a key asset to shape tomorrow’s hospitality. In a world where the ways of living change fast, we are constantly enriching our vision of reinvented hospitality, redefining the way we think spaces and services to offer our guests the best experience.


Accor has partnered with start-up Alltheway to simplify travel by transporting baggage between city centers and airports. Travelers can check in baggage at Accor hotels and other hubs in Paris, which will then be transferred to the airport. This service aims to reduce stress and carbon emissions associated with baggage while promoting sustainable travel. Accor has provided seed funding to Alltheway which plans to offer the service during major events with international expansion.

Smart room

We are all different. This difference is our strength. To offer a unique experience for all our guests, whatever their differences, we have created the Smart Room. Combining the best of function and design, this room has three major advantages: a better welcome for guests, an ease of use for staff and an improved profitability for investors. You’ll discover here why it is just as simple as necessary to turn special needs rooms into Smart Rooms. This new approach to inclusive hospitality once again gives you the edge that has continuously made Accor a leader in the hotel industry.

Flying Nest

Designed with sustainability in mind by talented designer Ora-ïto, this innovation is based on a mobile accommodation concept made of marine containers offering an immersive experience at the heart of venues and events. This innovative solution is designed with eco-friendly materials and techniques and is present in emblematic events such as Les 24 heures du Mans, We Love Green or in the mountains.

In conversation with designers

Designers are the ones who have a vision on the evolution of the society. Renowned designers who worked on major Accor projects share the way they integrate creativity, inspirations and sustainability in their work.

Neio Lucio Gonçalves de Lima

Neio Lucio Gonçalves de Lima, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) engineer at Riberar Engineering, has worked on more than 60 projects for Accor hotels. In this interview, Neio shares insights from his design work at Novotel ITU Terras De São José Golf & Resorts in Brazil, emphasizing the customized solutions for diverse hotel spaces, addressing energy efficiency challenges, and prioritizing guest comfort.

Matthew Leavey

Meet Matthew Leavey, Head of Property at Panthers Group, the owner of Pullman Sydney Penrith. Through this interview, he highlighted not only how design creates innovative spaces to trigger social and local interactions, but also the importance of sustainability and how Accor Design & Technical Services support was as added value to open Pullman Sydney Penrith.

Marcos Cain

Marcos Cain is the designer and founder of Stickman Tribe, an agency redefining spaces and integrating sustainability for modern travelers. Explore the transformative journey of Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre’s renovation in this interview, shaped by Marcos’s creative expertise in alignment with Pullman’s interior design direction.

Yang Bangsheng

Introducing Yang Bangsheng, the innovative designer and founder of YANG & ASSOCIATES GROUP. In this interview, he discusses connecting hotels with local communities, cultural essence, and sustainability. Explore his integration of eco-friendly materials and Guangdong influences in Pullman Shenzhen North’s design.

Accor Design Awards

Accor Design Awards

The Accor Design Awards are a worldwide architecture & interior design students’ competition created by Accor in 2016.

The objective is to imagine tomorrow’s hospitality and support the young generation of designers.